MaidHub Services FAQ’S

Have questions about MaidHub's Services?
Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the services.

How do I know I can trust Maid Hub??

Maid Hub is brand of MAID HUB India Pvt. Ltd., which is having operations from 2016. It is a professional domestics staff / maid service provider company. We are doing necessary assessment of the domestics staff before hiring them, doing verification of the documents and references. We are providing trained, trusted & verified maids, who are providing quality services. We are providing 24* 7 customer care support through dedicated website, web portal, IVR and Applications.

Who does Maid Hub hire to provide domestic services?

Our domestic staffs are trained and skilled. We have done the assessment of them, done the necessary verification from their earlier owner too. We do have our own set up for providing basic training to domestic staff; it helps up to enhance quality of work.

How will our relationship work?

As a company in service sector, we believe, communication is most important for any relationship including ours. Our Business Development Executives / Customer Care Executives understand our aim – achieving customer satisfaction, so they are also having deep respect for customer & there need. Establishing this open communication and being flexible ensures your satisfaction as a long-term customer. Customer satisfaction is our motto. Our employees are in line with our motto. They are receiving regularly updated training and supervision to ensure quality maid service.

What is the process for starting your domestic staff services?

Upon your online/ offline enquiry, our executives will share you the format of job description form, along with our agreement draft, company profile & client information form. You need to revert with filled client information form along with job description for the maid. After submission of your enquiry you will get system generated login Id & password from us. You need to login on web page and search our maids profile, as per your JD requirement. OR Our executive will search & shortlist profiles as per your requirement. You need to shortlist the profile, we will arrange interview with the candidate. You need to pay the visiting charges before proceeding for face to face interview. After selection of the candidate, we will sign the agreement and place the shortlisted maid.

What are your payment terms?

Client needs to do the payment of visiting charges before proceeding for face to face interview at clients location. Also, needs to pay service charges, which is 1 month’s salary of the finalized maid, at the time of signing the agreement. Clients need not to give any advance or salary payment directly to the maid. Our executive will share you the invoice for completed service days of the maid, by 1st of the next month. Clients need to pay the salary of the maid on company’s bank account, before 5th of next month. Company will pay the salary to the maid on their bank account with deducting PF, PT , ESIC or WC premium.

What are the Placement charges? Is it refundable or adjustable?

We are taking one month’s salary of hired domestic staff, as one time placement charges for providing you required maids support. We are offering you 3 replacements within first 3 months, if our maid left from the job or you are not satisfied with the maid. Placement charges are not refundable in any case. Company is taking lot of efforts to give you best & most suitable option for domestic services, hence, placement charges nor been adjusted with any salary payment too. Client cannot hold the salary of any maid, on any reasons. We are always giving our best to sort out any type of issue of the client & provided maid, holding salary of the provided maids is not the ultimate solution. In this case, company is free to take further legal action for recovery of the pending salary.

What forms of payment do you take?

We are expecting our client should do the payment by cheque, online in company’s bank account or via our website payment gateway. Client is restricted to pay any cash payment as advance or salary to the maid.

What is the procedure for maid’s replacement?

We are offering you 3 replacements within first 3 months, if our maid left the job or you are not satisfied with the maid. In this case, our maid will update us & will serve 1 month notice period before leaving the job, as well as client will also update us regarding not suitability of the maid & will give at least 1 week time for replacement. Urgent replacement will not be possible. In emergency, company will depute back up maid for the assigned task

How much does it cost to have maid for my home?

MaidHub works with every home owner to provide domestic service in competitive cost. Job description is designed on basis of frequency of work, work preferences and your budget. Rates are purely depends upon hours of work & submitted Job Description. So our focus is on preparing precise JD, by which we will reduce over burden of the cost & comes to at optimum level. Let us help you enjoy more of it! Contact our Business Development Executive for getting exact cost for hiring maid as per your requirement, MaidHub offer’s you reasonable & affordable charges for domestic staff services.

How soon can you provide service?

MaidHub’s service can be provided on the basis of urgency of client’s requirement. Our Customer Care Executives are guided to respond to the clients lead within 24 hours. Our Lead closing time, after getting all required information from client is max 72 hrs. Accordingly client will get the maid, in max 3 days. It is appreciated, if we get all required information from client at earliest, so that, on that basis, our further searching & short listing proceeding will start.

How competitive are your rates?

Our prices are very competitive, whether they are lower or higher than other local services. We may have higher prices than some individual maid services, because we are a Pvt Ltd company, following all statutory norms, having well established set up along with trained & professional executives to serve you, also cover our workers PF, ESIC or WC, which in return gives you peace of mind as a customer.

What are the terms for renewal of the agreement?

We are doing 1 year agreement with the client. After completing 1 year, our executives will coordinate with you for renewal of the services. You need to do renewal agreement with us for proceeding further. We are not taking any charges for renewal of the agreement, but guiding our Clients, to raise the salary of the maids, as per market standard.